Tourist Developments


Broadly speaking, the proposed intervention aims to develop this area and the already existing buildings, in a way which allows the construction of a tourist complex adequate to the particularities of the site and in line with Ponta Delgada’s spatial planing policy. It is an integrative perspective, searching for diverse solutions, according to the different classifications of the site.

Therefore, we propose to create an area destined to eco tourism formed by small accommodation units, dispersed and implanted within the wooded space and inserted in the several existing agricultural parcels, an area of tourist residences half way up the slope, in spaces predominantly destined for housing, though in a rural environment, an inn-type hotel as a conversion of the estate’s housing nucleus, a second hotel near the coast and a golf course, which should involve both the hotel and the tourist residences to guarantee the necessary quality in the surrounding green area.

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In this plotting project , a 0.4 level of total construction is applied to the  86,636 sq. meters, which allows a maximum of 34,654 sq. meters of total construction area.

Buildings destined for the hotels have a maximum height of 11.5 meters distributed by  3 floors and a parking lot in the basement, which is either fully in the underground or half way into the underground. Buildings destined for housing have a maximum height of 8 meters with 2 floors.

The project features a hotel with a maximum of 80 rooms, a building with a maximum total construction area of 6,200 sq. meters; a commercial area of 400 sq. meters and 171 single family houses with 27,180 sq. meters of total construction area and dimensions with vary between approximately 115 and 220 sq. meters and where different types can be explored.

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This project aims to construct in Porto Formoso a tourist complex centered on the game of golf.

Porto Formoso, a summer destination for many residents of the island of S. Miguel, offers excellent conditions for the development of a high quality project whose basic concept is already safeguarded by the PDM for this area.

The concept is centered on the transformation of Ponta Formosa and some areas to the left of the road leading the village in a high quality golf course.

This plan has the unequivocal advantage of preserving the vast green area that surrounds the village.

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