Buy Azores

buyazores “BuyAzores” is a brand for the business endeavor of exporting azorean goods to markets with substantial growth potential for such goods

The name BuyAzores is associated with the promotion of gastronomic and traditional products from the Azores

BuyAzores will establish small local stores in the targeted marketplaces (Mainland Portugal; City of Toronto; Greater Boston and southeastern New England)

  • High-quality, organic, eco-friendly products
  • Break down geographic and distribution barriers
  • Promote the Azores
  • Pastries and Sweets
    -Biscuits and cookies
    -Portuguese Sweet Muffins
    -Portuguese Sweet Bread
  • Wines and Liquors
    -Passion fruit
    -Angelica (white dessert wine)
  • Water, Juices and Soft Drinks
    -Glória Pátri Water
    -Laranjada (Orange beverage)
    -Kima (Passion fruit juice)
    -Gorreana Tea
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Butcher shops and Delicatessen
    -Packaged veal
    -Pork scratchings
    -“Pasta de Chouriço”
    -Pork sausage
    -Blood sausage
    -Bread and Poultry sausage
  • Dairy Products
  • Tourists
    -Downtown Lisbon
    -Downtown Oporto
    -Downtown Ponta Delgada
  • Residents
    -United States of America (New England)
  • Emigrante
    -North America
  • Main Distribution Channel
    -Through our network of stores
  • Secondary Distribution Channel
    -Distribution and handling agreements with carriers to set different points of sale in markets with growth potential.