Buy Azores “BuyAzores” is a brand for the business endeavor of exporting azorean goods to markets with substantial growth potential for such goods

The name BuyAzores is associated with the promotion of gastronomic and traditional products from the Azores

BuyAzores will establish small local stores in the targeted marketplaces (Mainland Portugal; City of Toronto; Greater Boston and southeastern New England)

quinta_dos_gagos These tourist developments were designed and anchored in the “theme” that the Azores understood to promote the region abroad, which was the GOLF.

According to this, the Azorean Entrepreneurs promoted several substantial scale projects for the region.

These projects have not been “made” despite the time and Financiers we had, but the SUBPRIME issue came to postpone the implementation of the same.

We continue to believe that the Azores are an Excellence Destination for Golfers mainly by our mild climate that lets you play GOLF all the year.

In conclusion the “time” will inevitably give us “reason” even though the region has abandoned or given up this Promotion.

This project will be presented for posterity as it is no longer possible to execute it cause one of the involved companies that bought this the property of Quinta do Gagos had to to sell to comply with his bank obligations. However we are keen to make registration of all work involving businessmen, engineers, architects, economists, golfers, landscapers etc. for a long time.

We sincerely hope that this “reason” will not withdraw the Azorean Entrepreneurs from the project that promoted it giving proof of their Investment imagination capabilities.